Our privacy policy for humans

Are you a lawyer? If you are, you'll probably find the following text completely out of place.

Don't you hate it when you're shown a ridiculously long and complicated text and get asked: Do you accept?

We do, so we'll keep this short and simple.

Main privacy rules at Fiestastic:

  1. We will never sell or give your personal data to anyone.
  2. We won't spam you. If you want to stop receiving the occasional emails we might send you, in all of them there's a link to *unsubscribe* so you never get one again.
  3. We'll do anything in our power to protect your personal data from hackers, crackers, witches and other creatures of the underworld.
  4. While we might ask for some sensitive data you have stored on Facebook, we'll always treat it with respect, and check all your privacy settings on Facebook to make sure your data is only displayed to those you want.
  5. You agree that by logging into Fiestastic you are giving us permission to access some of your data on Facebook, and that, despite all our best intentions and good faith, if things happen to go wrong and we fuck up somehow, you can't sue us (ha!) and we have no legal obligation to compensate you for it. Sounds horrible, I know, but if I hadn't this clause I couldn't sleep at night. It's a free service after wall, just click the damn Login button and be done with it.
  6. Also, if we feel like we need to block someone from accessing the service, we have the right to do. At this point we can't come up with any possible scenario when we would want to do this, but just in case...
  7. If you want us to delete your account and all data collected from you, just contact us and let us know why you hate us so much.


Who doesn't love cookies? There was a cookie monster, after all. Never heard of a carrot or celery monster. That kind of food is not monster-generating addictive.

What of my data do you get from Facebook and why?

Good question! While you'll be told when you log in to Fiestastic for the first time what kind of data we request from your Facebook profile, let's sum it up here:

Your name
To display your name at the top of each page next to the word "Hi".
Your age and gender
Basically to know how popular is Fiestastic among age groups and by gender.
Your e-mail address
So we can send you the best plans for the weekend, as well as occasional (once a month) newsletters regarding news about Fiestastic. If you're too cool for newsletters and reminders, you can disable them on your preferences.
The city you currently live in
So we can know where to zoom the map by default. If you don't have this data on Facebook, we'll get the location most popular among your friends. But seriously, put this on Facebook. It's not like where you live is a big secret or anything.
Your time zone
So we can show event start and end times properly to you. If you don't have this set on Facebook (shame on you) we'll try to guess.
Name and profile picture of your friends
So we can show them to you in a way you'll recognize them. I bet user id #19851570161 doesn't ring a bell to you.
Birthday of your friends
We don't do it yet, but we plan on showing your friends' birthdays along with your events. Maybe you didn't know it was their birthday and you get an excuse to call them up and go get a drink. We know, Facebook does this already, but we're confindent once you get hooked on Fiestastic you'll almost certainly never ever use Facebook again.
The city your friends live in
Because sometimes we need this to guess where an event is held. Loveful note to everyone organizing events on Facebook: write the full address (street, number and city), goddamit!!
Your events, your friends' events and who's attending
If we have to explain why we need this, you haven't really understood what Fiestastic does.

So far, that's it. If in the future we feel like asking for more of your data (most probably there'll be a good reason for it), we'll add it to the list.